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Our team welcomes you to A Mission for Michael substance abuse treatment center.

As a leading Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab for men, we take pride in providing excellent care for our participants and their family members. We want your experience with us to be productive, helpful and memorable. On behalf of the entire team at A Mission For Michael, we would like to commend you on the courageous and important steps towards your own or your family’s recovery by entering an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab.  Our supportive clinical staff will triage the treatment plan based on our participant’s individual and unfolding needs. Our wish is for everyone who comes to our Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab center to experience the entire comprehensive treatment program we offer with the understanding that changes will be occurring on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This is an opportunity to become educated and learn how to change compulsive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We offer a team who will listen, guide and love you through this stage in your lives. Your stories will be heard with no judgment, shame or blame. As an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab, we will help you recognize areas which need improvement or change. This therapeutic community will help all to grow and provide opportunities for resolving conflict with new skills. We offer emotional support as you gain insight and the desired changes in your life occur. Once again, we welcome you with open arms to our Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab, A Mission for Michael.

May the journey with us be one that touches your lives forever.

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